Best Places To Eat In Byron Bay

Dining Out In Byron Bay

Australia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – and for very good reason. The Island Continent boasts a wealth of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. It has some of the most unspoiled natural visits on the plant which can be enjoyed while experiencing some of the best weather in the world. In addition, the nightlife and dining options in its cities will rival the culinary choices available to even the most seasoned of travelers.

Best Places To Eat In Byron Bay

However, for many, the highlight of any trip to Australia is the opportunity to enjoy fabled sand and surf – and one of the most popular tourist destinations to do just that is Byron Bay in southeastern New South Wales. Here scuba diving, surfing sea at Byron Bay Beaches, and snorkeling over pristine reefs delight visitors. After a long day enjoying the natural wonders of Byron Bay (or to set you up for that day of activity) Byron Bay offers a number of wonderful culinary options – including some fabulous Mexican options which have allowed Byron Bay to build a strong reputation when it comes to Latin American inspired cuisine.

So if you are taking time off to recharge tired batteries in Byron Bay here are some great choices when it comes to eating out. Also visit Byron Bay Tourism official website to get more about Byron Bay.

1. La Casita.

The idea of simple chips, chimichangas, and chili dining destination may seem a trifle lowbrow. However, this destination has been taken over by two of the brightest stars in the Australian dining firmament – Astrid McCormack and Josh Lewis – and the result is a casual dining establishment that elevates Mexican style options to a whole new level. Great value and inventive cocktails with the added attraction of great menu items such as the ‘ceviche of local snapper’ with accents of coriander, freshly prepared shellfish oil and Ballina prawn with fresh salsa make each visit a celebration of taste.

2. Di Vino.

Sometimes you need to take a step back from achingly fresh seafood and other regional specialties and hit up a restaurant that delivers authentic, home-style Italian food – and Di Vino delivers this in style. Although it must be said that dishes such as ‘Fried stuffed olives alla Ascolana take Italian to new heights. A fabulous wine list heavy on Italian producer and Australian domestic offerings is also available.

Best Places To Eat In Byron Bay

3. Fleet.

This venue takes Australian cuisine firmly into the realm of fine dining. You really need to make a reservation at Fleet and take one of only 14 seats to enjoy meals such as the caramelised and preserved lemons which perfectly compliment the fresh and delicate local squid. Counter service sommelier-maîtres’d extraordinary Astrid McCormack is always on hand help pair the perfect wine with your meal – and there is also a great cocktail menu. The is a culinary destination that delivers on so many levels that it is difficult to select a highlight from the dining experience. Click here to get more information about Byron Bay.

Byron Bay has it all. Surf, sunshine and pristine sands. Take some time out while you in New South Wales to take a seat and immerse yourself in some fabulous cuisine.