6 Amazing Surfing Places in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is an iconic place to surf and even if it might not be pumping annually, its winter swell and breaks keep it on the top. A lot of Australians choose to live in Byron Bay so as to fit in the surfing lifestyle. There’s quite a number of Byron Bay beaches listed below including some remote beaches, the best beaches for surfing, and the best places to observe whales during the whales season.

If you’re just starting out in surfing, it would be better if you would begin with a surf lesson so as to study about the waves and a little about surfing accepted behavior. A surf lesson is of great value since the feeling that comes with catching your first wave is incredible! For more information about surfing at Byron Bay’s beaches, click here.

Main Beach

Main Beach is located in front of the town and is great for all levels of surfers. Main Beach is the most popular beach and so it usually gets crowded with swimmers, surfers, and even some kayaks. During summer, there’re usually lifesavers patrolling.

Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach is approximately one kilometer from the Main Beach. It’s a good beach for all kinds of surfing ability. Compared to other beaches, Belongil Beach is a bit quieter since the waves are smaller, which makes it ideal for beginners. However, when the swells are larger, there’re strong rip currents. Although clothes are optional at parts of the beach, it’s advisable to use discretion since Belongil Beach isn’t a legal nude beach.

6 Amazing Surfing Places in Byron Bay

The Wreck

The Wreck is located north of Main Beach and is among the locals’ favorite. Although it’s not really a beach, the Wreck is a popular surf break at Byron Bay. It works great with southerly winds in a southeast/east swell. The level of ability is based on the size of the swell. The waves are ever hollow because of the sandbank that the shipwreck makes.


Wategos is a gorgeous and a bit quiet beach that’s located among the most beautiful homes in Byron Bay. It serves as a playground for marine life and has some spectacular waves during winter. Wategos also requires a Southerly wind and sometimes during the year has an ideal logging wave. In addition, the beach offers picnic tables and free electric barbecues.

6 Amazing Surfing Places in Byron Bay

Tallow Beach

Tallow Beach covers a wide region from Cosy Corner to the start of Suffolk Park. Based on the swell direction, Tallow Beach provides both right-hand and left-hand waves. There’re a few breaks kept safe from the dreaded northerlies; Cosy Corner is among them. The Beach sometimes experiences strong rip current, which makes it a bad choice for beginners. Beginners could opt for Clarkes Beach and Main Beach instead.

Clarkes Beach

When the swell is small, Clarkes Beach can be quite flat whereas when it’s pumping it’s no place for an amateur. During summer, lifesavers patrol Clarkes Beach.

There’re beaches in Byron Bay that are ideal for everyone, from swimmers, to surfers, kayaks and even nudists! If you’ve just started learning how to surf, it would be better to keep going the surf lessons. Enjoy the progression and ensure that you take care!

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